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We are very concerned that Governor Desantis is being fooled right now, and possibly by the very people he has made a heroic stand against for the last several years.

Right now in the Florida legislature, a very dangerous bill is getting priority service and being rammed through without people really knowing what it says. The scary part is that if you read all the headlines about this bill, it certainly does sound good, but when you take the time TO ACTUALLY READ THE BILL FOR YOURSELF, you’ll see that in its current form, it is actually very dangerous.

The bill is SB252 and it is falsely being called, “the strongest medical freedom bill in America.” But nothing could be further from the truth. Let me be very clear and very plain:

  • This bill does not prevent vaccine mandates!
  • This bill does not prevent vaccine passports!
  • This bill does not prevent Floridians from being controlled by the World Health Organization.

This bill also doesn’t prevent:
  • Mandatory statewide vaccination tracking which is in place right now.
  • Doctors from discriminating against patients who do not want any COVID-19 treatment that they offer them.
  • Christians, homeschoolers, or medically sensitive individuals from having to beg the government for exemptions to not be discriminated against—like they have to do right now!

So if you’ve been told that this bill, SB252, prevents vaccine mandates and prevents vaccine passports prevents discrimination against you for choosing to make your own decisions regarding your own personal health, then you’ve been lied to! Like most sinister lies, they package the lies up for you alongside truths, or they hide the evil details with words that SOUND good. And this is why I’m worried that Governor Desantis is being fooled. I’m fearful that people are telling him that this is a good bill that prevents vaccine mandates and vaccine passports when in reality, it doesn’t!

Look, even great leaders get fooled from time to time. Ronald Reagan was fooled by the vaccine industry and was tricked into signing the vaccine manufacturer’s immunity bill in which everyone recognizes today as one of the worst bills every signed. President Trump did a great job as President but likewise was fooled and tricked by the same vaccine industry and gave us Operation Warp speed which gave us so many devastating results. I’m fearful that another great leader, our own Governor Ron Desantis is being fooled by the same vaccine industry to support this fake Health Freedom Bill, SB252. We need him to come out and clarify that he himself has read the bill in its current format and that he either supports it or wants it to be fixed so that it properly protects Floridians like he said he wanted to do. So that it legitimately prevents all vaccine mandates and any vaccine passport. Until he comes out and clarifies, I’m going to assume he just is not aware and he is being fooled by the vaccine industry, like other great leaders before him. We can’t let that happen to Governor Desantis. We need to make sure he knows what this bill really says!

And to prove that SB252 does not prevent vaccine mandates or vaccine passports, nor does it prevent us from being controlled by the WHO in a future pandemic, I will simply READ FROM THE BILL ITSELF so you can see for yourself with your own two eyes and so you won’t be fooled like so many others.

LIE: SB252 prevents vaccine mandates.
No it does not, let me read to you the text of the bill. Just so you know, the bill is written in a very confusing way, so that instead of just saying things plainly, it refers you to other sections of the bill. This is a common methodology used when writing legislation to intentionally fool people to support things they otherwise wouldn’t support. In this case it says:

(3)(a)(1) A business entity may not require any person to provide any documentation certifying vaccination with any vaccine defined under subsection (2) or postinfection recovery from COVID-19, or require a COVID-19 test, to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business operations in this state or as a condition of contracting, hiring, promotion, or continued employment with the business entity.

The key phrase is “any vaccine defined under subsection 2.” See how sneaky they’re trying to be? So we now go to subsection 2 to see how they defined “vaccines”, and we see that 3 types of vaccines are defined:

1. Subsection 2(c) says “COVID-19 vaccine.”
2. Subsection 2(e) says “Emergency Use Authorization (or EUA) vaccine.”
3. Subsection 2(g) says “Messenger ribonucleic acid (or mRNA) vaccine.”

So these are the only 3 vaccines that are prevented from being forced upon you. You can still be forced to take any other vaccine in a future pandemic. Think about how tricky and sinister this language is. It very specifically says “COVID-19 vaccine.” Well think about it! The next pandemic that Governor Desantis said himself he wanted to ensure we were protected from will not be COVID-19. It will be something else!

Picture a future where Joe Biden or some other tyrant forces COVID-23 or COVID-24 vaccines on everyone and Floridians are not protected from it because this bill only protects you from COVID-19 vaccines.

This also means that this fake bill does not protect Florida from vaccine passports from the NEXT pandemic because this bill only applies to COVID-19. Here me loud and clear, the next pandemic will not be COVID-19. It will be something else. It will be something like monkey pox, swine flu, ebola, or some other version of COVID, but no matter what it will NEVER BE COVID-19 again! Remember, the “19” in COVID-19 is for the year 2019, when the virus allegedly was introduced to the world. That is why this bill is so worthless because all future pandemics will not be COVID-19 and again—this bill only applies to COVID-19. As early as this year we could see a new pandemic and businesses, schools, and governments, right here in Florida, can and will force employees to get whatever new vaccine they invent and could deny you service and discriminate against you if you do not show your vaccine passport to them. This bill will not prevent that from happening. I JUST READ THE TEXT OF THE BILL TO YOU, go ahead and read it again for yourself.

And there is another very sinister piece of the bill that also must read for yourself. Because they have worded this section in such a way to FOOL YOU. They want you to think that this bill prevents Florida from being subjected to the rules or policies of the World Health Organization, but it doesn’t. The people who have told you that have either lied to you intentionally or they have not read the bill for themselves. Let’s read it together:

SECTION 3 - Section 381.00321, Florida Statutes, is created to read: 381.00321 International health organization policies.—A governmental entity as defined in s. 381.00316 or an educational institution as defined in s. 381.00319 may not adopt, implement, or enforce an international health organization’s public health policies or guidelines unless authorized to do so under state law, rule, or executive order issued by the Governor under s.252.36.

So we just read the entire thing to you. The people who are trying to fool you only read the first part which says, [onscreen slide] “A governmental entity…or an educational institution may not adopt, implement, or enforce an international health organization’s public health policies or guidelines…” And if that was all it said, I agree that would be great! But that’s not what it says and anybody who only read that part to you was intentionally trying to fool you. Because if you keep reading like we just did above, you will see again that it concludes by saying, [onscreen slide] “unless authorized to do so under state law, rule, or executive order issued by the Governor under s.252.36.”

That’s right, all of Florida’s government entities and schools could be forced to adopt and implement policies from the World Health Organization which can include vaccine mandates and vaccine passports if a future Governor issues an Executive Order to do so. You might think that is no big deal because we have a good Governor right now. But what happens if Desantis becomes President? What happens if we end up with a RINO Governor in the future? That is a very dangerous loophole. And if that isn’t dangerous enough, look at that one little word, “rule” in the same sentence. That means any “state rule” can authorize government entities and schools to enforce World Health Organization policies. Well, where do state rules come from? They come from unelected bureaucrats. This means that the Florida Department of Health or any health district, for example, can create a rule without the Governor or the legislature’s approval and BOOM, that’s it, all government entities and schools in Florida will have to obey the World Health Organization. This is what happened in many Republican controlled states during the 2020 COVID pandemic, by the way. It was health districts and health departments that issued bureaucratic rules to enforce mask mandates, shut down schools, close down businesses, and altogether obey the World Health Organization. And they did so without the legislature or Governor in their state! Is that what you want? Do you want Florida to be subjugated to the policies of the World Health Organization because some unelected bureaucrat has the power, through this SB52 bill to do this?

This is ridiculous! Who put this language in this bill?!?!? This is why I’m afraid Governor Desantis is being fooled. It would be very easy for people that he trusts around him to tell him lies about the bill and to not read through the detailed elements of the bill. You know, like the parts we just read together that are extremely dangerous and totally contrary to the Health Freedom Policies that Governor Desantis has been advocating for the last several years!

Look we have a great Governor but nobody, including him, has the time to review every single bill with a fine toothed comb, at least not until it gets to his desk to sign. And if everyone is telling him that this is a good bill that prevents vaccine mandates and vaccine passports and keeps the World Health Organization out of Florida, then that sounds good and it is something he’d want to support. But the devil is in the details and we just read those devilish details for ourselves. This bill does not prevent vaccine mandates or vaccine passports and does not stop us from being subjugated to the WHO.

There are many other elements to this bill that need to be fixed, but these 2 are the most important:

1. Remove the language that limits this bill to COVID-19 vaccines. The anti-discrimination elements of this bill should apply to all vaccines, and not just COVID-19, EUA, or mRNA vaccines. Make it for all vaccines! This is what the Governor said he wanted for Florida and this is what this bill should say!

2. Remove the language, “unless authorized to do so under state law, rule, or executive order issued by the Governor under s.252.36” so that Florida is never again subject to the rules or policies of foreign powers. Florida is a sovereign state! We do not want foreign governments or foreign health agencies dictating what we can do with our own bodies in Florida!

Please do your part and contact the Governor immediately. He needs to know that the vaccine industry is trying to fool him. We can’t let America’s Governor, but more importantly, Florida’s Governor, our Governor, be fooled and have this blot and stain on his record. Contact Governor Desantis office today and let him know that SB252 needs to be fixed with at least the 2 aforementioned changes or it cannot be supported. It’s too dangerous. And we don’t want him being fooled like other great leaders have been.

(850) 717-9337

And tell him to fix SB252 by removing the language that limits this bill to COVID-19 vaccines and by removing the language that allows the World Health Organization to enforce its policies on Florida!

(850) 717-9337

Governor's Office phone number above. Call and email Governor Ron Desantis and demand that he support HB305/SB222 to truly prevent Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports!
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